Pools Surplus are proud to offer a broad range of hunting clothing spread across several specific categories, covering such fields as shooting clothing and camouflage gear. Our collection of hunting clothes includes hunters hats, baseball caps and other headwear, waterproof jackets and soft shells, many in specialist camouflage, like the original English Oak Camo Rannock Jacket from Jack Pyke. We stock a wide variety of softshell and waterproof trousers, such as the Game Forrester Waterproof Trouser and the Ridgeline Stealth Pants. Keep yourself covered with our range of hats, sporting vests, and boot socks - and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders.

Hunting Clothing

Ridgeline Hybrid Fleece - Navy


Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Smock - Teak


Jack Pyke Sherpa Fleece Hoodie


Game Excel Waterproof Trouser


Jack Pyke Rannock Jacket - EVO


Jack Pyke Fieldman Fleece Hoodie - EVO


Game Scope Waterproof Trouser


Jack Pyke Pheasant Fleece Pullover


Game Forrester Waterproof Trouser