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Military Clothing

At Pools Surplus army surplus store, we're dedicated to meeting your need for top-notch military apparel. Our collection isn't just for soldiers, it's your trusted companion for conquering rugged terrains, dominating airsoft battles, or simply thriving in the urban jungle.

Crafted to withstand the toughest challenges, our battle-tested gear ensures top-tier performance in demanding environments.

Discover our extensive arsenal of combat clothing, including camouflage trousers that keep you concealed, rugged jackets that shield you from the elements, and military shirts designed for durability. Complete your outfit with our range of military headgear, gloves, and other essentials.

Ready to gear up for your next adventure? Dive into our collection now and equip yourself for success.

Regardless of the season, size, design, camouflage pattern, or task at hand, Pool Surplus has your six. Experience swift and reliable delivery across the UK and Europe, ensuring you're always prepared for your next mission.

Pool Surplus - Where Unyielding Quality Meets Battlefield Excellence!


Military Clothing

German Army HAIX Desert Boots Tan Suede Boot Goretex Lined Size 8 [JN03]


British Army YDS Desert Boots Brown Suede Breathable Combat Boot Size 10M [JN02]


Jolly Firefighter Boots Fireproof Safety MOD Wellington Work Boots Size 8 [JN01]


Dutch Army Grey Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt / Base Layer - T02


Dutch Army Navy Blue Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt / Base Layer - T20


Dutch Army Green Thermal Fleece Jacket Liner


Dutch Army Green Thermal Fleece Trouser Liner


British Army Soldier 95 Desert DPM Shirt


British Army PCS MTP Windproof Combat Smock