Whether you are camping for just one night or an entire month, having the right mess kit is essential if you're cooking for yourself in the great outdoors.

Originally designed for military campaigns, mess kits usually contain an assortment of pots, pans, cutlery and dishwear in a lightweight, compact and nested package - that is, they have the ability to  nest inside each other, making the kit smaller and easier to carry. Ideal for a hiking expedition where space and weight is crucial.

When selecting a mess kit, it's important to choose the contents wisely. Comprehensive, 20-piece kits may sound impressive, but remember that every additional piece will contribute to the weight of your pack. 

At the very least, the mess kit you choose should contain a bowl, spoon and a cup. Expect some pieces to have multiple uses, such as a spoon that also functions as a fork - better known as a spork.

Here at Pools Surplus Stores, we carry an extensive range of mess kits, additional equipment and accessories such as cutlery, pots, pans and kettles. We also supply camping stoves, fuel and fire starting equipment, in both genuine military and branded options.

We also offer nutritional ready to eat rational meals and snacks in a selection of flavours.

Military Mess Kit

Highlander Camping Frying Pan


German Aluminium M59 Canteen Cup


Dutch Army Water Bottle + Pouch + Cup - [Long Pouch]


Dutch Army Water Bottle + Cup + Cover - [COVER POUCH]


British Army MOD Ration Pack Meals


24hr British Army Style Ration Pack


Highlander Triple Compact Stove


Highlander HPX100 High Performance Trekking Stove


Stanley Legendary Camp Mug - 0.35 Litre - Haammertone Lake Blue