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Attention, soldiers!

Looking for practical military messenger bags or heavy-duty tactical shoulder bags? At Pools Surplus, we take pride in providing only the best gear for your outdoor missions. Our tactical military messenger bags are engineered to conquer any challenge, built tough with military-grade fabrics and reinforced stitching. Battle-tested and proven to withstand the harshest conditions, rest assured your gear remains protected as you trek through hostile terrains or navigate uncharted territories.

Designed for the modern warrior, our bags from top brands like Viper and Kombat offer ample space with strategic compartments and handy pockets. Stay alert and ready for action as you carry your essential gear, tech gadgets, and mission-critical tools.

Adapt and overcome with these military shoulder bags radiate an aura of authenticity and unwavering strength. Embracing tactical designs, they seamlessly integrate with your combat attire, projecting a commanding and formidable presence. What are you waiting for soldier? Grab your bag now and prepare for your next operation!

Over and out!

Military Shoulder Bags

Czech Army Leather Shoulder Bag Signal Pistol Flare Satchel - UNISSUED


Viper Modular Carry Pouch - Green


Kombat Operators Grab Bag 25 Litre - Black


East German NVA Respirator Case


Kombat UK Canteen Shoulder Bag - Coyote


Kombat UK Canteen Shoulder Bag - Green


Kombat UK Canteen Shoulder Bag - Black


Kombat UK Canteen Shoulder Bag - BTP


Highlander Small Webbing Haversack - Olive