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          Explore our remarkable collection of authentic military surplus greatcoats at Pools Surplus Store. Our selection includes genuine military greatcoats, also known as military overcoats, crafted with utmost durability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. These exceptional greatcoats are meticulously constructed from premium-quality materials like wool, ensuring exceptional warmth and reliable protection against the elements.

          Our military greatcoats are available in a range of sizes and styles, encompassing classic military designs such as the iconic British Army's greatcoat, as well as contemporary variations. Designed to meet rigorous military standards, these overcoats are not only ideal for military personnel but also perfect for outdoor enthusiasts engaging in activities like hunting, camping, and hiking.

          In addition to their exceptional craftsmanship, our military greatcoats boast a variety of features and options. Choose from an assortment of colours and military-inspired styles to find the perfect match for your preferences. Some overcoats are equipped with multiple functional pockets, reinforced elbows for enhanced durability, and even removable linings for added versatility.

          It's worth noting that our military greatcoats are genuine surplus items, meaning they have been previously issued but are in excellent condition, making them ready for continued use. Embrace the authenticity and reliability of military surplus while enjoying exceptional value for your investment.

          At Pools Surplus Store, we take pride in offering high-quality military greatcoats that embody both style and functionality. Shop our collection today and experience the rugged charm and unparalleled performance of these remarkable military overcoats.

          Military Greatcoats

          Genuine 1946 US Army Cotton Field Overcoat Korean War Uniform LARGE [JR244]


          RAF Other Airman Great Coat 'New Pattern' 1952 Dated Blue Wool Overcoat [GH03]


          1966 Dated US Army Green Trench Coat Cotton Sateen Overcoat OG 107 SMALL - REG [JR205]


          US Navy 1968 Pea Coat 100% Wool Enlisted USN Winter Uniform 40" [JR215]


          US Navy 1988 Pea Coat 100% Wool Enlisted USN Winter Uniform 40S [JR214]


          Swedish Army Navy Blue Overcoat C146 [JR167]


          German Military Police Women's Raincoat - Chest 38" [JR047]


          French Army Blue Work Uniform Overcoat - Chest 48" [JR045]


          Dutch Military Grey Quilted Raincoat - NEW - Chest 42" [JR038]

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