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Here at Pools Surplus Stores. we provide an extensive range of military equipment and combat gear. With an array of combat vests, chest rigs, tactical gloves, webbing panels, protective pads, eye protection and helmets.

We also offer a vast selection of MOLLE and MOLLE compatible military equipment in a variety of sizes, colours and camouflage.

Providing you with the best military issue items from around the world is what we do best, in addition to products from well respected tactical and outdoor brands such as Viper, Highlander and Kombat UK.

Below are products chosen with performance, durability and build quality in mind.

Military Hardware

British Army Bardic Lamp 4 Colour with Arrow FIlter


Belgian Army 2 Man Tent - Jigsaw Camo


British Army 1950's/60's Paratrooper Parachute Strap 9.6 Meter Static Line [JS18]


Original Civil Duty CD / ARP Issue Respirator with original bag Dunkirk Gas Mask


US Army .50 Cal Bore Sight Breech Inspection Mirror C. Cowles & Co. Newhaven Ct


British Army Defile Marker Pathfinding Trail Waypoint Hayes 1993 [JS14]


Romanian Army Shovel with Wooden Handle


Genuine British Army MK7 Woodland Camouflage Net 9m x 9m - Grade 1


East German M41 / Russian GP5 Gas Mask & Bag