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              Pools Surplus Store offers a wide range of kids hoodies and fleeces from varying high-end brands such as Deerhunter and, Jack Pyke, and many more.

              These products are specially designed to keep your children comfortable and protected against the elements; they are consistently made from high-quality materials and are constructed for durability.

              Our collection of kids zip-up hoodies, fleeces, and jackets includes a variety of sizes, styles, and colours to suit your child's individual needs and preferences. You can choose from several designs, whether that be a plain kids fleece or a hoodie with character; Pools Surplus Store has something for everyone.

              Our kidswear is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and skiing, as well as for your everyday wear. These kids hoodies hoodies and fleeces come equipped with features such as pockets, hoods, and other functional details. This only adds to their functionality.

              Pools Surplus Store prides itself on procuring a diverse selection of kids hoodies and fleeces that also offer customers stylish options for children.

              Kids Hoodies & Fleeces

              Kombat Kids Fleece Hoodie - BTP


              Jack Pyke Junior Fieldman Fleece Hoodie


              Kombat Kids Fleece Hoodie - DPM


              Kombat Kids Fleece Hoodie - BTP Black


              Jack Pyke Junior Sherpa Fleece Hoodie


              Ridgeline Kids Traser Hoodie


              Jack Pyke Junior Countryman Gilet - Dark Olive


              Game Kids Tweed Gilet


              Deerhunter Youth Chasse Fleece Jacket

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