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British Army Style 24hr Ration Pack

    British Army Style 24hr Ration Pack

      British Army Style 24hr Ration Pack. This pack contains enough food to be able to operate for one day. Filled with high quality British Army Rations, this is very similar to a genuine issued 24hr ration pack. We have made this pack up from lots of individual ration pack components - this is not a 'proper' 24hr pack - but the contents are genuine from the same military supplier. 

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      **MUST READ** 
      Some of these products have short dates or are past their best before date. This however only refers to the colour and texture, not the nutritional value of the products. As these are sealed, British Army rations, they will last as long as required, as long as they are stored in cool, dry places out of direct sunlight. Some sources claim a 25 year shelf life.* This is substituted with the huge discount on RRP Value of each product.  The consumable kits are past their 'best date' but there is nothing in there that will go off. If you are in any doubt over the dates on any of the products please get in touch.


      x1 Porridge (BBE 01/26)
      x1 Rajma Massalla (BBE 09/24)
      x1 Chicken with Lentils (BBE 10/25)
      x1 ChocoBlock (BBE 03/25)
      x1 Pack Sweet Oat Biscuit (BBE 12/23)
      x1 Lime Isotonic Drink Powder (BBE 09/23)
      x1 Orange Isotonic Drink Powder (BBE 12/24)
      x1 Fruit & Nut Packet (BBE 09/23)
      x1 Cooker Stove
      x3 Heating Tablets
      x10 Tissues
      x2 Wet Wipes
      x1 Tomato Sauce (BBE 08/25)
      x3 Packs Sugar (BBE 02/26)
      x3 Hot Drink Whitener (BBE 03/25)
      x1 Pack Chewing Gum (BBE 02/26)
      x2 Coffee Sachet (BBE 02/26)
      x2 Tea Bags (BBE 02/26)
      x1 Curry Powder Sachet (BBE 09/25)
      x1 Chilli Powder Sachet (BBE 09/25)
      x2 Hot Sauce Sachet (BBE 08/25)
      x1 Scouring Pad
      x1 Pack Matches
      x4 Water Purification Tablets (BBE 01/27)
      x1 Pepper Sachet (BBE 08/25)
      x1 Salt Sachet (BBE 03/25)
      x1 Spork