24hr British Army Style Ration Pack MRE Emergency Prepping Survival Expedition

    24hr British Army Style Ration Pack MRE Emergency Prepping Survival Expedition


      Pools Surplus Stores 24 Hour Ration Pack

      British Army Style 24hr Ration Pack. One pack contains enough consumable supplies for one day of typical operations and is suitable for trekking, hiking, tabbing, and emergency preparation. Filled with high quality British Army Rations, the contents of our packs are based on the British Army's genuine issue 24hr ration bag. We have made this pack up from various individual ration pack components - so while this is not a 'genuine' British Army 24hr pack - all contents are genuine issue items from the official military supplier. 

      Individual items or job lots of individual items can be purchased

      **Expiration Dates** 
      Some of these products may have short dates or are past their best before date. This however only refers to the colour and texture, not the nutritional value of the products. As these are sealed, British Army rations, they will last as long as required, as long as they are stored in cool, dry places out of direct sunlight. Some sources claim a 25 year shelf life. The consumable kits are past their 'best date' but there are no perishable items inside the consumable kits. If you are in any doubt over the dates on any of the products please get in touch prior to placing your order.
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      Contents Breakdown:

      • x1 Beef Burrito Filling with Rice (BBE 11/26)
      • x1 Halal Chicken Arrabiata (BBE 05/26)
      • x1 Chocolate Muesli (BBE 11/25)
      • x1 Chocolate Flavour Cream Desert (BBE 09/25)
      • x1 Salted Peanuts (BBE 07/25)
      • x1 Tomato Soup Powder (BBE 04/26)
      • x1 Chocolate Bar (BBE 03/25)
      • x1 Orange Isotonic Drink Powder (BBE 09/24)
      • x10 Tissues
      • x2 Wet Wipes
      • x1 Tomato Sauce (BBE 08/25)
      • x3 Packs Sugar (BBE 02/26)
      • x3 Hot Drink Whitener (BBE 03/25)
      • x1 Pack Chewing Gum (BBE 02/26)
      • x2 Coffee Sachet (BBE 02/26)
      • x2 Tea Bags (BBE 02/26)
      • x1 Curry Powder Sachet (BBE 09/25)
      • x1 Chilli Powder Sachet (BBE 09/25)
      • x2 Hot Sauce Sachet (BBE 08/25)
      • x4 Water Purification Tablets (BBE 01/27)
      • x1 Pepper Sachet (BBE 08/25)
      • x1 Salt Sachet (BBE 03/25)
      • x1 Scouring Pad
      • x1 Knife, Fork, Spoon etc
      • Assorted Plastic Bags