Bulgarian Army Aluminium Canteen / Water Bottle
Bulgarian Army Aluminium Canteen / Water Bottle
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    Bulgarian Army Aluminium Canteen / Water Bottle


      Bulgarian Army Water Bottle

      A number of genuine original Cold War-Era Bulgarian Army aluminium canteens in excellent used condition.

      Likely manufactured around 1960 to 1970 period. This style of canteen is the same pattern that was in use by the Bulgarian Army and other Warsaw Pact Soviet states from the end of World War Two. The canteen measures Approx. 22cm tall. All canteens are sold with original caps attached. Aluminium water bottles are sold without punctures, rust; bottles may be dirty or oily from use and storage; and we recommend that bottles be cleaned thoroughly before use. The aluminium body is tough and durable so will not crack or rust. Please note that the water bottles will likely have dents and dings due to their past military use.

      Perfect for historical re-enactment and outdoor sports.

      These are highly sought-after and growing increasingly rare so grab a bargain while you can!

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.