Here you will find some of our more interesting and unusual products which we have had in the past. Whether we will get them again is another matter, but you can always contact us to check!

Military Product Archive

Arktis B110 Combat Smock Swedish M90 Camo


Austrian Army Pea Dot Water Bottle Canteen Pouch


Belgian Army 2-Man Lightweight Tent - Jigsaw Camouflage


Belgian Army M56 Jigsaw Camo Para Smock MED-REG [SB08]


Belgian Army Mk2 Steel Helmet British Brodie Helmet Copy with Liner 1950s [JS03]


Belgian Army Parachutist Smock Jigsaw Camo Denison Twill 1970s [JR067]


Benin Armed Forces F1 Parka TAP47 Leopard Lizard Camo [JR081]


British Armed Forces Rally Team Black Button Down Shirt [JR143]


British Army '50 Pattern' Olive Green Jungle Trousers Gurkha Pants W30 L28[LC11]