German Army Bundeswehr Sports Jacket

    German Army Bundeswehr Sports Jacket


      Bundeswehr PT Jacket

      Genuine German Army issue Physical Training sweatshirt jacket in good used condition.

      Manufactured around the 1990 to 2000 period for the Armed Forces of Germany. These Navy Blue and Teal jersey sweatshirts are equally suited for working out and chilling out.

      All jackets are in good used condition with no tears, holes, staining or damage. Jackets show signs of wear typical for used military clothing; fabric may have light marks, scuffs, and fading. Jackets feature a full zip-front, two zip pockets, elasticated cuffs and waist. All metal components are in good working order with no broken or damaged pieces.

      Jackets are constructed of a warm but breathable 60% Polyester / 40% Cotton Blend.

      Size guide:

      These jackets are designed to be slightly over-sized and should have a bit of room in the chest. The labelled sizes (e.g. '50/44' = 100cm Chest / 88cm Waist) refer to the halved chest and waist circumference in centimetres. We've added approximate measurements in inches to make it easier to choose an appropriate size.

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.