Grangers Performance Wash 300ml

    Grangers Performance Wash 300ml


      This concentrated wash-in cleaner ensures your waterproof and technical gear is clean and fresh, keeping you warm and dry for longer. New formula now offers 12 washes instead of 6 – doubling the life of the bottle!


      • Powerful cleaning.
      • Neutralises odours.
      • No residue.
      • Performs the same in hard and soft waters.
      • Enhances any existing water-repellent finish.
      • 100% Recycled bottle.
      • Bluesign® approved.
      • PFC-free.


      Performance Wash is a powerful yet gentle bluesign® approved, PFC-free cleaner designed to clean all your outdoor and technical garments. It also comes in our new 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) bottle, meaning you're helping to protect the world we all love to explore. With our concentrated formula, all you need is half a cap, regardless of whether it's soft or hard water, to restore your gear to a like-new appearance. 


      So why not refresh your gear today and prepare for your next adventure?! #withgrangersyoucan 

      Fortunately, Grangers' Performance Wash gently removes dirt and eliminates odours whilst removing harmful residue build-up and maintaining any remaining water-repellency. We also recommend it as a pre-wash to any waterproofing treatment.

      *Top tip* This is an ideal product to use ahead of reproofing your gear with Performance Repel Plus or Clothing Repel.

      HOW TO USE


      •Use half a capful (25ml) per wash load.

      •Pour product directly into the detergent drawer of your washing machine in place of normal detergent.

      •Wash on a full cycle at 30°C/86°F or according to care label instructions.