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Deerhunter Lady Rose Jacket
Deerhunter Lady Rose Jacket

    Deerhunter Lady Rose Jacket


      Deerhunter Lady Rose Jacket - Beech Green

      The Lady Rose jacket by Deerhunter is a flexible and extremely lightweight jacket. It has a water repellent finish and is ideal for Spring and Summer days. You can always count on Deerhunter for a feminine fit and this jacket does not disappoint with its adjustable drawstring bottom and adjustable wrist fastenings. Finishing off the functionality is a built-in hood in the collar and pockets with zip fastening and completing the design is the stylish piping.


      No matter what weather situation you find yourself in, choosing Deerhunter’s clothing with one of its four membranes, will provide you with a breathable product. This allows you to maintain your comfort while being active and subsequently enjoy your experience more.

      Four-way stretch

      When choosing hunting apparel, and you need maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and a good fit, you should choose Deerhunter’s products with four-way stretch. Hunting apparel with four-way stretch is elastic both lengthways and widthways, enabling you to move around freely without feeling constricted by your clothing.

      Water Repellent

      Products impregnated with water repellent treatment are water- and dirt-resistant. Stains are easy to remove. Extremely heat-resistant and has a very smooth surface.


      Lightweight clothing from Deerhunter ensures a comfortable hunting experience and provides extra freedom of movement without adding extra weight.

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.