British Army DPM Long Back Bergen with heavy duty zips, adjustable waist and shoulder straps

    British Army DPM Long Back Bergen

      British DPM 100 Litre Bergen (Long Convoluted Back)

      Purchased directly from the British Ministry of Defence: DPM Camo 100 Litre Bergens (PLCE Pattern), in Grade 1 (Good) and Grade 2 (Poor) Used Condition.

      Long Back Bergens are designed to be used by individuals who are over 6' (180cm) tall; individuals under 6' tall are advised to use Short Back Bergens (also available from our store). The 100L Capacity of Short Back and Long Back bergens can be increased by adding British Army DPM Side Pouches, sold separately.


      Grade 1 (£49.99) are in good used condition and are guaranteed to include the removable aluminium frame - they may have names written on. They may be dusty and need a clean. It is possible they may have very small holes (such as from an ember off a fire) or have some small marks (which would not affect the usability or functionality of the bag). They have fully functioning zips, buckles, and straps; and are free from any large rips, tears or holes. They may just need an air out and then will be ready to use!

      Grade 2 (£24.99) are in HEAVILY used condition and may not include the removable aluminium frame- in addition to writing, names, marks, staining and holes; Grade 2 bags typically have missing or broken buckles and straps, loose stitching, rips and tears. Bags may require repairs before they are fit for use and you are purchasing a Grade 2 Item in the knowledge that the item has damage. The price of a Grade 2 sleeping bag is reflective of the condition (half the price of a Grade 1 item). Do not order Grade 2 and then leave negative feedback or complain saying your item is damaged as you have been warned!