Romanian Army Shovel with Wooden Handle
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    Romanian Army Shovel with Wooden Handle


      Romanian Army Shovel

      Genuine Romanian Army entrenching tool in good ex-issue condition.

      Manufactured around the 1960 to 1990 period for the Romanian Army, and adopted by other Eastern Bloc countries. These shovels are simple but robust. Featuring a sturdy steel head and a strong wooden handle; these short shovels offer effective digging power while being small and convenient to carry.

      These durable entrenching tools would be an excellent addition to an emergency preparation bag, or a perfect tool to keep in the car when snowy or muddy terrain threatens to slow you down!

      Dimensions (Approximate):

      Shovel Width: 6"

      Total Length: 23"


      Due to the surplus nature of the item; the shape of the shovel head and handle will vary slightly between items. All shovels are in good serviceable condition with no damage to the shovel head or the handle. However, all shovels show signs of wear typical for issued military equipment; shovels may be dirty or dusty from storage; and loose handles might require tightening-up; but all shovels will clean up well and offer many more years of service!

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.