Romney's 300g Everest Crate

    Romney's 300g Everest Crate


      Presenting The Romney’s 300g Everest Crate! Each crate contains individually wrapped white, brown & chocolate covered mint cake.

      The Everest Crate has been created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay. To celebrate this monumental achievement, Romney’s has partnered with the Everest 70 group. George Romney Ltd will donate a percentage of revenue from each sale to the Himalayan Trust UK, with donations being made every 6 months. This donation, alongside product donations made to the Everest 70 group for events across New Zealand & UK, will enable the Himalayan Trust to continue its important work in Nepal and provide support for the mountain people in the country.

      The packaging has been created to replicate the old shipping crates that were used to transport expedition equipment in the 1950’s. The Crate also features a number of exciting details:

      • The official Everest 70 logo acts as a seal for the partnership created between George Romney Ltd and the Everest 70 Charity Group
      • The Everest 70 website URL provides people with quick access to web pages that will showcase how their money is making a difference in the region of Nepal
      • The Traditional Romney’s logo below a mountain range
      • Spray paint template font used to replicate the writing on old fashioned wooden shipping crates
      • A shipping tag for the S.S. STRATHEDEN – the ship which was used to transport the equipment from the UK to the expedition team
      • The quote from Sir Edmund Hillary “Once we reached the summit Tenzing embraced me and we nibbled Kendal Mint Cake as we gazed at the countryside far below”