SealSkinz Raynham Waterproof Sock | Olive / Grey Marl
SealSkinz Raynham Waterproof Sock | Olive / Grey Marl

    SealSkinz Raynham Waterproof Sock | Olive / Grey Marl


      Experience the ultimate combination of comfort and performance with the Sealskinz Raynham Waterproof All Weather Mid Length Sock. Keep your feet dry and comfortable in even the harshest conditions thanks to the expertly crafted waterproof and breathable membrane that repels rain, snow, and moisture while allowing sweat to escape. Say goodbye to wet, uncomfortable feet and hello to the perfect sock for any weather.


      The Raynham sees our Aquasealz™ 100% waterproof hydrophilic membrane sit between a premium merino wool interior and an extra-durable Polycolon exterior.

      Outer – Extra-durable Polycolon exterior, with 4-way stretch for an optimal fit.

      Mid-Section – 100% waterproof hydrophilic membrane releases moisture vapor from inside the sock.

      Interior – Premium merino wool for comfort and sweat-wicking.


      Sealskinz accessories are trusted by athletes, adventurers and the British Military. Research around product focuses on durability and performance. Our socks are built to last, defying the toughest of environments time and time again.

      Thermoregulating properties ensures successful adaptation to any climate. The Raynham speaks to the mountains as much as it speaks to the tropics.


      Handmade and hand tested in our Norfolk factory, with the industry-leading hydrophilic membrane also made in-house. Socks have undergone a rigorous testing process, demanding complete waterproofness and longevity of fabric.

        Product Details:

        • Waterproof and extremely breathable
        • Suitable for a variety of climates, from cool and brisk days to warmer temperatures
        • Incredible four-way stretch for great fit and anti-blistering
        • Premium merino wool interior for moisture control, insulation and comfort
        • Feels and wears like a comfy sock, a vast improvement over other stiff waterproof socks that wear like a wetsuit
        • Machine washable, no special treatments required
        • Hand closed flat toe seams for zero friction
        • Hand-crafted and tested in the UK for waterproofness by craftspeople who care about quality
        • Outer Layer - 62% Polycolon, 29% Nylon, 9% Elastane
        • Middle Layer - Aquasealz® membrane
        • Inner Layer - 36% Merino Wool, 36% Acrylic, 18% Polyester, 5% Nylon, 5% Elastane


        UK EU US
        (FOOT LENGTH)
        S 3 - 5 36 - 38 3.5 - 6 5 - 7 22cm - 23.7cm
        M 6 - 8 39 - 42 7 - 9 8 - 10 24.6cm - 26.2cm
        L 9 - 11 43 - 46 10 - 12 11 - 12 27.1cm - 28.8cm
        XL 12 - 14 47 - 49 13 - 15 N/A 29.6cm - 31.3cm


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