German Army Sewing Kit

    German Army Sewing Kit


      An assortment of fully-stocked genuine German Army sewing kits from the 1960s in excellent ex-issue condition.

      Manufactured around the 1960 to 1970 period for the German Army. These pocket-size Khaki coloured sewing 'housewife' sets contain a selection of all the necessary items to mend and repair clothing when out in the field.

      Packs will contain a selection of needles, thread, safety pins, safety scissors, thimble and German Army uniform buttons similar to the selection displayed in the stock photograph. Item colours and styles will vary, but all kits will include a similar assortment of sewing items.

      As these kits are ex-issue, each set will exhibit signs of wear typical for used military equipment. The fabric wallets may have markings or names written on them, metal items such as thimbles, scissors, and sewing needles may be rusty from age and exposure to damp conditions.