Serbian Steel Helmet  With Adjustable Liner

    Serbian Steel Helmet With Adjustable Liner


      Serbian Army M85 Helmet

      Genuine Serbian Army M85 Pattern Steel Combat Helmets with adjustable liner and chinstrap in excellent ex-issue condition.

      Manufactured around the 1980 to 2000 period for the territory of Serbia. These steel combat helmets are practical and robust, with adjustable leather and cotton liners; adjustable around 55cm to 60cm head size. The steel helmets are painted Olive Green and are generally plain with no decoration but some may feature various additional markings on the front portion of the helmet similar to the stock photograph.

      All helmets are in good ex-issue condition with signs of light wear typical of used military equipment. Helmets may feature scuffs and scratches on the paintwork and the cotton and leather of the helmet liners may be discoloured and have writing on the fabric. All helmets and liners are in good working condition with no broken parts.